Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day!

Today My whole family is over! We are sitting by the fire and talking. All the adults have coffee and cocktails ( I made the coffee). they are embarrassing my cousin and I with funny stories (for them)! we are having spicy tortilla soup and apple crisp, YUM! My baby cousin is laying on the floor and crying because she wants to do nail polish (RIGHT NOW!) Turns out I did do her nails in a light pink really fast so she would stop screaming her head off. After dinner we had hot coco and we played apples to apples! It was really fun because we had 12 people to play.

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve!!!

Today it is New Years Eve!!! I woke up in the morning and just hung out a little bit until 6:30 when we went to the movies. My mom and I saw The Kings Speech. It was a good movie. It was funny at parts but it was also kind of boring. But I liked it. After we got back home, we made our own pizza! We got to put our own toppings on it! Now we are waching a movie and waiting for the count down to come on. I am writing on my BLOG and My weirdo-brother is roasting fruit in the fire. I don't understand him. It is not the best New Years Eve ever, but it was fun, I guess.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Something to do on a cold day.

Today was really fun!
I went to House Of Air. It is a really cool trampoline place in SF. They have trampolines connected all over, even on the walls! I went with my family and  it was really fun. If anyone is reading this, I say, you should go before winter break is over. If you go in the summer you  will be  WAY to hot. Oh and do not forget to go get hot coco from blue bottle!